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    In view of the necessity of games and sports, the college constituted Games and Sports Committee to inspire the spirit of games in the minds of the students.

    It is also provided such facilities to students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the college. The Committee look afters the management of games and sports of the college.

    One teacher is appointed as Sports in-charge of the college. He/She acts as the Convener of the said committee.

    It is the committee that monitors the entire system and conduct of games and sports of the students.

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    The college/students' union organizes intra-college level competition periodically besides annual games and sports which is organized in annual festival/college week.

    The students are encouraged to involve in sports activities because it is felt necessary to make friendship among them besides physical fitness as sports becomes one of the best means to make diplomatic relationship in the world. The students make use of their off time in sports activities.