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    Computer Hope logo normal The college maintains it central library in the campus.

    It keeps more than 18,300 (eighteen thousand three hundred) academic related books besides many journals, daily news papers of national, regional and local accessible to the students during the college hours. It keeps the entire past question papers to make use of it for self preparedness to students.

    Computer Hope logo normal Library provides a reading room with its sitting capacity of more than 60 students at a time. Computers with internet facilities are accessible to teachers and students. It can be used/accessed with due permission from the librarian. Apart from books and journals, two digital TVs are also installed in the library to make the students become well informed with day-to-day news. It also provide a Xerox machine to make use of it by the students and stakeholders with minimum charge. To encourage the students' learning process towards development of knowledge with quality education to confront any challenge, the mentioned facilities are accessible to both the teachers and students with free of cost. As a result, books are kept available to be borrowed by the teachers and students. However, everyone in the library is expected to maintain silent.


    1. 1. Books are borrowed as per rules framed by the library committee from time to time
    2. 2. Borrowers pay fine for any damage or loss of book or delay in returning the book
    3. 3. Student will have to return the book that they have borrowed and get their library clearance before filling up of final examination form