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    Alumni Association: Alumni are considered to be one of the most important stakeholders to the development of Educational Institutions. It is the association of graduates/passed out students from this college. While most of them have been engaged in government/private/self-employment/business, many of them already retired from their government services . However, they still contribute lots to the development of this college. The objective of the association shall be to promote the objectives of the college and to maintain contacts and solidarity among the passed out students of this college, and to raise funds for the development of the college. The membership of the Association shall be open to all the passed out students from this college including diploma in Vocational Certificate Course holders.


    i. To encourage alumni to participate actively in the process of development of the college and to attend events, to volunteer, to create new ways for alumni;

    ii. To stay connected with the college always and iii. To contribute to the greater interests of the society through the college. Our vision is to involve the greatest possible number of alumni and alumnae into the fulfilment of the objectives of the college.